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6" Straight Sided Concrete Pot / Flip

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6" Straight Sided Concrete Pot / Flip

SETTLEWELL 6" Straight Sided Concrete Pot / Dark Gray Flip
SETTLEWELL 6" Straight Sided Concrete Pot / Dark Gray Flip

6" Straight Sided Concrete Pot / Flip


Concrete / Handmade

6" Dia. x 6.25" H.

Our Straight-Sided Cast-Concrete Pots are molded from fully unique, carefully hand-carved positives. 

The Straight-Sided Pot features a strong bottom bevel and thoughtfully proportioned dimensions, making these pots stackable, versatile and generously sized for the easy removal of plants that need a good soak from time to time. Classically modern and aesthetically minimal, the all new SETTLEWELL Straight-Sided Cast-Concrete Pot is the perfect attractively understated piece for any space.

These pots are made by hand, therefore each pot is unique in regard to specific coloring and irregularities are to be expected.

Each item is fully sealed with an environmentally safe concrete sealer and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Finish is matte. Clean with a dampened cloth.

Designed and hand-crafted by SETTLEWELL owner, designer and maker: Laura Cornman.

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