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Concrete Home Goods

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Minimal Modern

Designed and Handcrafted by Laura Cornman


About Settlewell

Settlewell is a collection of home and lifestyle goods dedicated to the idea that thoughtful, simple design is the aesthetic foundation of an inviting, gracious, contented home. Where simplifying and filling a space with meaning and the things that matter most to you are a singular thought. 

We're about fostering moments of calm resolve. We're about de-cluttering, de-stressing and de-complicating. We're about making the most of what you have, and making something extraordinary from nothing (or at least from very little). Settlewell is centered around the idea that no matter what you have, or where you are, you can and SHOULD settle well. 

Sincerity as a standard, goods for living. Wherever you are, settle well. 

Concrete Goods

Settlewell concrete goods are truly hand-crafted from start to finish. Our unique casting process begins with carefully hand-carved and prepared positives from which we have prepared our own carefully designed hand-made molds. We cast each item individually with our unique concrete mixtures and pigment blends to insure that each item is considered, prepared, and crafted as thoughtfully as the next. Our pieces are then given time to fully cure before we inspect them for quality in structure and aesthetic. Finally we finish our pieces with thoughtfully selected, environmentally-friendly impregnating densifiers and sealers to insure that they are able to withstand use and usefulness in our home and yours. 

Our hard-won, specialized process enables us to pour the ultra thin-walled, delicate items you'll find in our shop, giving our goods the strength of concrete with the delicate form of classic home and tableware. 

Laura Cornman

Spearheaded by Laura Cornman, Settlewell is about a pursuit and practice of joy and discipline. As a creative, Laura has learned and worked in a wide variety of mediums from painting and graphic design, to carving and fine-woodworking.

Her current collection of work is an exploration of the innovative qualities of concrete and an ongoing effort to push the boundaries of its application. The pairing of design and concrete in the home is no new thing, but Laura has set out to discover just how closely concrete can participate in the functionality and delicate nature of classic homeware. 

With a full-time job, Laura finds time for her creative pursuits by building them into her daily rituals. Without a shop or studio, her kitchen currently functions as "Shop-Kitchen." She takes pride in the process and personal nature of craft; the small production ethos that ensures that each item that comes out of her "Shop-Kitchen" is completely and uniquely one of a kind.

Laura lives and pours concrete goods in Long Beach, CA.